"As a dive operator in a remote part of the South Pacific, we're always happier if divers have DAN insurance. DAN Asia-Pacific is about so much more than medical insurance. It's about the comfort of knowing that there's expert medical advice at the other end of the phone, and who will move heaven and earth in pursuit of a good outcome.You just don't get that with standard travel insurance." - Graeme Sanson, Dive Munda, Solomon Islands

DAN Asia-Pacific Financials

DAN Asia-Pacific operates as a not-for-profit organisation and is subject to an annual audit by independent auditors.

The 2013 /2014 financial year saw growth in all areas.

Gross income increased by 7% comprising of an increase in Membership, now with a total of 10,561 members, which is an increase of 602 members from the 2012-13 financial year. Interest income was also higher due to better rates of interest on invested amounts.

The operating surplus of $100,221 has decreased slightly due to significant increases in insurance, payroll, accounting fees, freight and overseas travel costs.

Net assets have increased by 0.38% to $2,166,859. This is not as high as expected due to a decrease of $20K in the DAN AP Office building re-evaluation and there was also the removal of a $20K Motor Vehicle from the asset pool. Another temporary grant had been provided by DAN America.

An outline of Revenue and incurred Expenses are provided below.


Membership & Insurance 68%
Training 6%
Product Sales (incl Freight) 10%
Other 16%


Wages (incl Super) 35%
Membership 30%
Product 7%
Postage & Freight 8%
Advertising 2.5%
Telephones/Hotlines 1%
Travel 4%
Other 12.5%

CLICK HERE to view the DAN AP Profilt and Loss Statement (2013-14)