"We recommend with confidence DAN coverage for our diving guests: being in a remote location we need emergencies, however rare, to be handled by experts. DAN gives divers, and us, peace of mind knowing that they will be in safe and expert hands if an emergency arises. Taking out DAN membership is quick & easy for divers to organise and offers great value for money for 12 month coverage." - Lee Fewster, UEPI Island Resort

Diving Safety

Helpful tips and safety information to enable you to become a safer diver.

DAN Doc - Dedicated Diving Medical Issues Website
Visit DAN's dedicated Medical website which addresses a broad range of medical issues. If you have a medical question or concern you are likely to find information on this website.

5 Minute Neurological Examination
Examination of an injured diver's central nervous system soon after an accident may provide valuable information to the DAN Medic should you call a DAN Hotline for help or advice; as well as for the physician responsible for treatment.

Read Diving Medicine for Scuba Divers: This book, is an easy-to-understand overview of diving medicine for recreational divers, instructors and EMS professionals. By Carl Edmonds, M.B.; Bart McKenzie, M.B.; & Robert Thomas, M.B.

Locate a Diving Doctor via the South Pacific Underwater Medical Society (SPUMS) website.

Matters of the Heart
This important article discusses ageing, wellness and fitness to dive.

DCI Historical Data: 2002 - 2010DAN Membership and Insurance for Scuba Diving

Diving Fatality Historical Data: 2003 - 2011

Scuba Diving Safety Tips

Snorkelling Safety Tips

Safe Diving Tips (Poster Download)

First Aid for Diving Accidents (Poster Download)

Hospital DCI Management Poster (Poster Download)

Provision of O2 for an Injured Diver in a Hospital or Clinic
The aim of this document is to provide advice and protocols for dealing with an injured scuba diver. It is directed at Medical Centres whose staff may not be trained or knowledgeable in diving medicine.

Jellyfish First Aid & Prevention (Poster Download)

Divers Can Drown (Poster Download). The poster contains tips to prevent a drowning incident and what to do in an emergency situation.

Planning a Dive Trip?
This article discusses some issues that travelling divers should consider when planning a dive trip.

Venomous Marine Creatures (Poster Download)
Many divers are unaware how to correctly treat a bite or sting from a venomous marine creature, as such DAN AP has produced a new poster that highlights first aid for injuries resulting from a range of venomous marine creatures. The posters are available at no cost (other than postage) from DAN AP. To obtain a copy for your club or dive centre send an email to communications@danap.org.

DAN Cardiac Poster (Poster Download)
Did you know that more than 30% of diving deaths are due to heart conditions? This poster highlights how many of these deaths can be prevented.

Breath Holding Blackout (Poster Download)