DAN World Resources for Divers

5 Minute Neurological Examination

Examination of an injured diver's central nervous system soon after an accident may provide valuable information to the DAN Medic should you call a DAN Hotline for help or advice; as well as for the physician responsible for treatment.

Flying Afer Diving Fact Sheet

The Ears & Diving: Fast Facts About Equalisation

The Skin Bends: Fact Facts About Decompression Illness

Diving Medicine for Scuba Divers - Book Download

This book, is an easy-to-understand overview of diving medicine for recreational divers, instructors and EMS professionals. By Carl Edmonds, M.B.; Bart McKenzie, M.B.; & Robert Thomas, M.B.

Guidelines for Recreational Diving with Diabetes

DAN's Smart Guide to Ear Equalisation


Know Before You Go: How to Plan Your Dive Trip