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Launch of Alert Diver Magazine (Q2/2017) + Free Digital Access to Scuba Diver Australasia magazine

The quarter 2 issue of Alert Diver magazine was sent to Members on the evening of July 6. If you are a current DAN World Member and did not receive the launch email please send us an email with your Member Number.

In the latest issue of Alert Diver you will find:

* DAN Was There For Me: Wrecked in Vanuatu
* Safety 101: Who do you trust?
* Skills in Action: Panic & Post-Traumatic Stress
* Expert Opinions: Air, Nitrox & Fatigue; and
* Much More

2017 Dive Shows

The Australia International Dive Expo will be taking place from the 3rd - 7th August at the International Convention Centre, Sydney. This year the Show is joining with the Sydney International Boat Show. You can read more about the event and the full schedule of activities HERE.

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World Map of 2014 Compressed Gas Diving Fatalities

The figures indicated on the map are the minimum number of fatalities in the countries shown. These are taken from reports provided to IDAN organisations (Asia-Pacific, America, Europe, Southern Africa, Japan) and also include some taken from various media sources.

The number for certain countries will be relatively accurate (eg. U.S.A., Australia, New Zealand, U.K., Japan.) However, the numbers for many other countries, especially less developed countries, are very likely understated.

The data from Europe (with the exception on the UK) is predominantly taken from insurance claims so is also very likely to be an underestimate.

CLICK HERE to view the map.

DAN's Jellyfish Investigation : Can You Help?

There has been an increase in reported serious jellyfish stings in Thailand, and possibly elsewhere in Asia. Since mentioning our jellyfish investigation we have received several great photos of jellyfish, some being dangerous species found in Thailand and the Philippines. DAN World encourages any underwater photographers in Asia, especially Thailand, to photograph any jellyfish they see on a dive and send a copy of the photo to us. Please be sure to document as precisely as possible the locations of each photo. Your assistance will enable us to increase our understanding, to better catalogue the potentially dangerous species present in parts of our region and help in establishing appropriate prevention and management strategies.

We have produced a large poster with images of some potentially deadly jellyfish and useful first aid and prevention advice. We have already begun to distribute these in Thailand and plan to make them available elsewhere in the Region.

CLICK HERE to download a copy of this poster.