"As a dive operator in a remote part of the South Pacific, we're always happier if divers have DAN insurance. DAN Asia-Pacific is about so much more than medical insurance. It's about the comfort of knowing that there's expert medical advice at the other end of the phone, and who will move heaven and earth in pursuit of a good outcome.You just don't get that with standard travel insurance." - Graeme Sanson, Dive Munda, Solomon Islands

DAN Training

DAN is a world leader in the provision of accident management training for the diving community and beyond.

Some of the training programs are recognised under the Nationally Recognised Training Scheme in Australia.  This means the courses can be incorporated as an integral part of a variety of courses conducted within the tertiary education sphere. The courses are also recognised by various Workplace Authorities within Australia.

Follow the links below to investigate DAN’s various training opportunities.

Student Complaints process

DAN AP is committed to ensuring that participants in its training programs receive high quality training and are treated in a professional, fair and equitable manner by its Licensed Instructors. To ensure this, DAN AP has established an appropriate Complaints and Appeals Procedure as part of the DAN Instructor Code of Practice.

Course Feedback

DAN AP is constantly seeking to improve the programs offered by our licensed instructors. One way that we do this is through feedback from students that have undertaken DAN training and from DAN Instructors who deliver these programs.

If you have any comments, complaints or thoughts on how we can improve our systems we are happy to hear them. Please fill in the appropriate feedback form and send to DAN AP training by fax, post or email.

Feedback form for Students

Feedback form for DAN Instructors

De-registered DAN Instructor

John McTier of Adelaide was de-registered as a DAN Instructor on the 19th November 2009 for repeated issues with failure to fulfil student course registration requirements. If anyone believes that they have completed a DAN course with John McTier and have not yet received certification they should immediately contact DAN Training (training@danasiapacific.org)

DAN Technical Conference 2008

Read about and view DVD's of the DAN Technical Diving Conference held in January 2008. Just follow the link, enter your name and email address and you can access this interesting material, provided to you courtesy of DAN –
Your Diving Safety Association

CLICK HERE or visit www.dan.org/FastAccess/2008TechnicalDiving.aspx