How to Make a Claim on DAN Dive Injury Insurance


Download or Request a Claim Form below:


Please complete the form, sign and date it then return to DAN World with account(s) for:

  1. The use of an ambulance
  2. The service provided by a treatment facility
  3. The medical report from the treatment facility/facilities.
  4. Other relevant accounts

Please make sure that you provide a thorough description of the accident. Use an additional page(s) if required.

You are welcome to contact the DAN Team to discuss any concerns you may have with regard to completing the required paperwork. Call +61-3-9886 9166 or email:

Unless and until we receive this paperwork from you, assess it and forward it to the insurer for approval and payment, you are liable to pay your costs for treatment.

When all paperwork is returned to our office, completed and correct, we will pass it on to the insurer for processing.