"We recommend DAN Membership to our clients travelling to dive destinations throughout the South Pacific and beyond. As DAN Members, our clients travel with the reassurance of knowing if they encounter a diving related incident while travelling, they will receive advice and assistance from an Organisation whose existence is for Divers and has an understanding of the associated risks, medical symptoms and the importance of timely evacuation and medical treatment." - Markus Wunderlich travel&co

Family Membership Definition

A Family Membership is defined as:

Spouse or Domestic Partner or dependent; child if unmarried and under 18 yrs old or; your unmarried child who is 18 yrs old or until his or her 24th birthday if that child,

a) Is enrolled as a full-time student at an accredited school or college and;

b) Is not employed on a full-time basis; and

c) Has the same home permanent address as the parent.

DOMESTIC PARTNER means a person who is at least eighteen years of age and the Eligible Person can show:

1) evidence of financial interdependence, such as joint bank accounts or credit cards, jointly owned property, and mutual life insurance or pension beneficiary designations;

2) evidence of cohabitation for at least the previous {6} months; and

3) an affidavit of domestic partnership if recognized by the jurisdiction within which they reside.