"We recommend DAN Membership to our clients travelling to dive destinations throughout the South Pacific and beyond. As DAN Members, our clients travel with the reassurance of knowing if they encounter a diving related incident while travelling, they will receive advice and assistance from an Organisation whose existence is for Divers and has an understanding of the associated risks, medical symptoms and the importance of timely evacuation and medical treatment." - Markus Wunderlich travel&co

Prices Of Annual Membership & Dive Inury (Treatment) Coverage

For applicants living outside Australia but within the Asia-Pacific (excl Japan)


12-months coverage that includes Worldwide Emergency Evacuation Coverage, 24-Hours 7 days a week medical assistance, an annual subscription to Alert Diver magazine, access to member-only value-add programs, and much more.

Single Membership = $75 (including AUD$10 postage)

Family Membership = $100 (including AUD$10 postage)

Optional Dive Injury (Treatment) Coverage

Optional Dive Injury (Treatment) Coverage plans are designed to cover the cost of treatment and certain other costs associated with a covered diving accident. They must be purchased at the same time as taking out a DAN AP Membership. The optional Dive Injury (Treatment) Coverage cannot be taken out independent of Membership.

Master Plan = $95

Preferred Plan = $149

Preferred Plus Plan = $209

CLICK HERE to view a Comparison Table of the Dive Injury (Treatment) Coverage options.

CLICK HERE for issues to consider when choosing a Dive Injury Treatment Plan.

NOTE: All Prices are in Australian Dollars