Prices Of Annual Membership & Dive Inury (Treatment) Coverage

For applicants living outside Australia but within the Asia-Pacific (excl Japan)


12-months coverage that includes Worldwide Emergency Evacuation Coverage, 24-Hours 7 days a week medical assistance, an annual subscription to Alert Diver magazine, access to member-only value-add programs, and much more.

Single Membership = $65

Family Membership = $90

Optional Dive Injury (Treatment) Coverage

Optional Dive Injury (Treatment) Coverage plans are designed to cover the cost of treatment and certain other costs associated with a covered diving accident. They must be purchased at the same time as taking out a DAN AP Membership. The optional Dive Injury (Treatment) Coverage cannot be taken out independent of Membership.

Master Plan = $95

Preferred Plan = $149

Preferred Plus Plan = $209

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NOTE: All Prices are in Australian Dollars