Diving Accident Reporting

As part of its mission to improve dive safety, DAN collects and reports on diving fatalities and injuries. To this end, DAN Asia-Pacific is working to collect information concerning dive accidents and incidents within the Asia-Pacific Region.

It is important that divers assist us in this pursuit by notifying us of any dive incident or accident that they become aware of in this Region. If you hear of a dive incident or accident, we would be grateful if you would complete a brief report form and send it to us. If you send us an email we will forward you the DAN Asia-Pacific Diving Incident Report Form. Alternatively you can download the form below, complete it and send it back to the DAN Head Office.

Click here to download the DAN Asia-Pacific Diving Accident Report Form

The following reports can be downloaded from DAN AP's Member-Only Portal by current Members. CLICK HERE to log in or CLICK HERE to join DAN AP.

  • DAN AP Report on Australian Diving Accidents 1999-2002
  • 2006 Dive Accident Report from DAN America
  • 2007 Dive Accident Report from DAN America
  • 2008 Dive Accident Report from DAN America

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