"I've dived for 10 years and completed 680 dives and I never thought I would have DCI, but I did. Thanks to DAN I was able to recover very well. I hope you are covered by DAN, so you too will have someone to count on in the very possible event of a scuba diving accident. DAN was of great help from the moment they received the call about my condition; their professionalism and care was so efficient and touching." - Seung Hee, Korea

Non-Fatal Dive Incidents Reporting Project (NFDIR)

Fortunately, there are many more non-fatal dive incidents and accidents than fatal ones. These can provide a wealth of important information about dive accidents and greatly assist in determining good preventative measures.

We are keen to receive information on various problems including: non-fatal drowning, DCI, equipment problems, oxygen toxicity, boat encounters, marine animal injuries, and many others. Please let us know when you are involved in, or observe, a potentially dangerous diving incident.

Note: The incident does not need to have resulted in injury.

Project Investigators include DAN Directors and staff: John Lippmann, Scott Jamieson, Stan Bugg, David Natoli; Dr Richard Harris; and Peter Buzzacott PhD.

Reporting can be undertaken online. Please follow the link below to lodge a non-fatal dive incident report.

We appreciate your support of this valuable project.

Click here to report a non-fatal diving incident