DAN Research

DAN is the dive industry leader in diving physiology research. Supported almost entirely from membership fees and contributions, DAN's studies are revealing important information that will benefit the entire diving community and improve recreational diving safety worldwide.

DAN Research On-line

Interested participants visiting the DAN Research Department Web Site can download free software for collecting information about dive profiles and diving injuries. You can also read more about the following projects:

  • Project Dive Exploration
  • Diabetes and Diving
  • Flying after Diving
  • Ageing Diver Study
  • Ascent Rate

DAN Decompression Illness (DCI) & Diving Fatalities Report

Diving Fatalities

DAN America produces a comprehensive annual Report on Decompression Illness and Diving Fatalities. Current DAN AP Members can view several DAN America Annual Reports from the Member-Only Portal by CLICKING HERE.

DAN AP ’s Reports on Australian Diving Deaths provide reviews of diving and snorkelling-related deaths and includes detailed incident reports, tables of relevant contributing factors, and discussions about lessons to be learned from these deaths.  These reports (1972-1993, 1994-1998 and 1999-2002) are available for purchase although some can be downloaded via the Member Portal.

The Annual Diving Report (2006 Edition) on Scuba Diving Injuries and Fatalities based on 2004 data is available to DAN Members in PDF format.

These reports can be accessed by current DAN AP Members via our Member-Only Portal. CLICK HERE to log in.

Research into Common Questions

DAN Research helps answer common questions about the factors that affect all divers, like ear and sinus injuries and health and fitness in diving.

Click here for an overview of Ear & Sinus Injuries

Click here for an overview of Health & Fitness in Diving

Funding of DAN Research

DAN projects are privately funded through DAN membership and dive industry support. Without DAN, many important questions about recreational diving safety would not only remain unchallenged, but unanswered.

How Can You Help?

Divers can support DAN’s research endeavours by: