Procedure to Be Used Following an Accident

The below procedures are to be followed by a DAN Member (or someone acting on behalf of a Member) in the event of a diving accident or a non-diving emergency.

For Diving Emergencies

Call a DAN-Supported 24-Hour dive emergency hotline. CLICK HERE

Note: Any injured diver is able to call an Emergency Hotline for advice; however, DAN World can only implement emergency procedures and cover associated costs for current DAN World Members, within the limits of their coverage.

For Non-Diving Emergencies

In the event of a non-diving emergency, the DAN Member should contact DAN TravelAssist by dialling the USA direct on +1-919-684 9111 or by using the international operator to put through a COLLECT call to the USA on 919-684 9111. The DAN TravelAssist operator will take relevant details and will arrange for a physician to be consulted. Following medical advice, DAN TravelAssist will determine the best course of action and make any necessary arrangements.