Procedure to be Used in the Event of a Diving Accident

Step 1 - Call a DAN-Supported Diving Hotline

The best hotline number to call depends on where the diver is and their language requirements.

In addition to the DAN World supported hotlines, the other DAN Branches can be contacted, if you are within their region.

It's important to provide the doctor/medic with your DAN Membership details if available, or at least state that you are a DAN World Member. It is also important to have a call back number ready to give to the operator.


Purpose of This Call?

To obtain rapid medical advice from a doctor/medic trained in diving medicine; and advise the immediate course of action.


What to Know When Calling an Emergency Medical Hotline

  • The Hotlines are generally not toll-free (except for the DAN line within Australia & the DES line in NZ).
  • The caller should try to ensure that he/she has ample money or a phone card with sufficient credit for the call.
  • If no money is available, or if there is difficulty in accessing the diving emergency line, a Member can make a collect call to TravelAssist (+1 919-684 9111 ) who will take the details and may be able to connect the caller to the diving hotline.
  • If the other options are not accessible, the Member can contact the DAN World Office on +61-3-9886 9166 (Business Hours only).
  • Always have a Call Back Number ready to provide the operator just in case the call drop-outs or is disconnected.

DAN 24-Hour Diving Emergency Hotline Numbers

DAN World Hotline

1800-088 200 (toll free within Australia – English Only)

+61-8-8212 9242
(from outside Australia – English Only)
DAN America +1-919-684 9111 (collect)
DAN Europe +39-06-4211 8685
DAN Japan +81-3-3812-4999
DAN Southern Africa 0800 020 111 (internal)
+27-10-209 8112


Other Dive Medical & Dive Emergency Numbers:
(Not funded/managed by DAN)
DES New Zealand 0800-4DES 111 (within New Zealand – English Only)
Korean Hotline 055-549-0912 (Within Korea & Korean-language only)

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