Procedure to be Used in the Event of a Diving Accident

Step 1 - Call a DAN-Supported Diving Emergency Hotline

The best hotline number to call depends on where the diver is and their language requirements. The preferred number in the Asia-Pacific Region is the DAN Diving Emergency Service (DES) Hotline, as long as the diver, or someone with the diver, can speak English.

In addition to the DAN Asia-Pacific supported hotlines, the other DAN Branches can be contacted, if you are within their region.

It's important to provide the doctor/medic with your DAN Membership details if available, or at least state that you are a DAN AP Member. It is also important to have a call back number ready to give to the operator.


Purpose of This Call?

To obtain rapid medical advice from a doctor/medic trained in diving medicine; and advise the immediate course of action.


What to Know When Calling an Emergency Medical Hotline

  • The Hotlines are generally not toll-free (except for the DES/DAN line within Australia & NZ, and the Chinese language hotline from within China).
  • The caller should try to ensure that he/she has ample money or a phone card with sufficient credit for the call.
  • If no money is available, or if there is difficulty in accessing the diving emergency line, a Member can make a collect call to TravelAssist (+1 919-684 9111 ) who will take the details and may be able to connect the caller to the diving hotline.
  • If the other options are not accessible, the Member can contact the DAN Asia-Pacific Office on +61-3-9886 9166 (Business Hours) or +61-3-8508 9958 (After Hours, collect if necessary).
  • Always have a Call Back Number ready to provide the operator just in case the call drop-outs or is disconnected.

DAN 24-Hour Diving Emergency Hotline Numbers

The DAN Diving Emergency Service (DES) Australia Hotline
(funded by DAN)

1800-088 200 (toll free within Australia – English Only)

+61-8-8212 9242
(from outside Australia – English Only)
DAN America +1-919-684 9111 (collect)
DAN Europe +39-06-4211 8685
DAN Japan +81-3-3812-4999
DAN Southern Africa 0800 020 111 (internal)
+27-10-209 8112


Other Dive Medical & Dive Emergency Numbers:
(Not funded/managed by DAN)
DES New Zealand 0800-4DES 111 (within New Zealand – English Only)
Korean Hotline 055-549-0912 (Within Korea & Korean-language only)

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