"No matter how careful divers are, there is always a risk of decompression illness. The local hospital in our remote Magical Munda paradise is not fully equipped to deal with DCI and being evacuated by air at least as far as Honiara, where there is a volunteer-run recompression chamber, can be expensive! For your peace of mind and ours, we cannot recommend strongly enough that you have insurance which specifically covers you for diving and for air evacuation in the event of an emergency. Our requirement is that divers take out Divers Alert Network membership and insurance, or check their travel policy very carefully. Dive Munda is a proud Super Supporter of DAN Asia-Pacific and we cannot run our dive business safely and effectively in this remote location without DAN Asia-Pacific as our partner." Belinda Botha, Operations Director & SSI IT, Dive Munda

Procedure to be Used in the Event of an Accident

Step 2 - For Non-Diving emergencies or if the doctor advises that an evacuation and/or treatment is required, then DAN TravelAssist must be called (DAN Members only)

Whilst it is the DAN Member’s responsibility to make this call to DAN TravelAssist, it is likely that the doctor on call will have already linked up with DAN AP Case Management Staff, who will make the call on behalf of the DAN Member.

DAN TravelAssist can be called by dialling the USA direct on +1-919-684 9111 or by using the international operator to put through a COLLECT call to the USA on 919-684 9111.

DAN TravelAssist services are provided by an Assistance Company with offices throughout the world. It will make any arrangements to assist in the retrieval or treatment of a DAN Member.

The DAN TravelAssist operator will initially take details of the Member, including name, membership number, description of accident, location and contact numbers. They will also need to know which diving hotline, if any, has been used to provide medical advice so that they can confirm the diagnosis with a dive physician.

DAN TravelAssist will verify the membership, contact the doctor to confirm that evacuation is required, and either arrange or authorise payment for an evacuation. The operator will then continue to liaise with the Member and others involved to facilitate an effective transfer.

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