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2014 Dive Events

Beijing 2014Beijing International Diving & Resort Show,
12 - 14 September

The Beijing International Diving & Resort Show will be held at the Beijing Exhibition Centre. There will be four main segments to the Show: Training Institutions, Dive Gear, Destinations 7 Dive Sites, relevant events and Marine Environmental Protection.

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Shanghai 2014International Underwater Sports & Travel Expo,
Shanghai, 19 - 21 September

Taking place at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center this event is organised by underwater3some and co-organised by the Chinese Underwater Association. This event brings together everything about underwater sports like diving, fin swimming, free-diving and underwater hockey under one roof. Unlike traditional underwater expos that focus solely on scuba diving, the International Underwater Sports & Travel Expo seeks to promote both underwater sports and the fantastic places you can go to enjoy your favourite subsea adventures.

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DAN World's Member-Only Portal on Website

All current DAN World Members have access to our Member-Only Portal, which contains:

  • Online Seminars
  • Reports on DCI and Diving Fatalities.
  • Findings from recent Research Initiatives.
  • Articles from past issues of Alert Diver magazine.
  • Dowloads of Books

You will need your current DAN World Member Number to successfully log into the Portal.

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DAN's Jellyfish Investigation : Can You Help?

There has been an increase in reported serious jellyfish stings in Thailand, and possibly elsewhere in Asia. Since mentioning our jellyfish investigation we have received several great photos of jellyfish, some being dangerous species found in Thailand and the Philippines. DAN World encourages any underwater photographers in Asia, especially Thailand, to photograph any jellyfish they see on a dive and send a copy of the photo to us. Please be sure to document as precisely as possible the locations of each photo. Your assistance will enable us to increase our understanding, to better catalogue the potentially dangerous species present in parts of our region and help in establishing appropriate prevention and management strategies.

We have produced a large poster with images of some potentially deadly jellyfish and useful first aid and prevention advice. We have already begun to distribute these in Thailand and plan to make them available elsewhere in the Region.

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DAN Coverage for Scuba Divers

Training Courses

There are numerous courses being undertaken here at DAN World headquarters as well as by DAN representatives operating throughout the Region. Follow the below links to view the latest schedule of DAN World courses.

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