Adaptors for Oxygen Regulators

Oxygen cylinder valves vary somewhat from country to country and this means that oxygen regulators will not attach directly to all available cylinders. To this end, some adaptors have been manufactured to enable various oxygen regulators to be fitted to a variety of cylinder valves. It is essential that such adaptors are correctly manufactured and maintained to minimise the risk of an oxygen fire.

The most commonly available oxygen cylinder valve is the “pin-indexed” valve. Therefore, an oxygen regulator with a pin-index fitting will generally be the most universally used.

However, in Australia, some parts of Indonesia, PNG and certain some other Pacific islands, larger cylinders are fitted with a Type 10 “bullnose” valve. A pin-indexed regulator will require a pin-index to bullnose adaptor to enable its use. Both of these adaptors are available from DAN World.

CGA540 Valve and Adaptor Pin Index Bullnose Adaptor Pin Index Valve Type 10 Bullnose Valve


In the U.S.A (larger cylinders), Thailand, the Philippines, parts of Indonesia and certain other parts of Asia, many oxygen regulators are fitted with a CGA-540 threaded valve. A pin-index to CGA-540 adaptor will be required to enable a pin-index regulator to be fitted to these.

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